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Countdown To The Winter Games

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The start of the 23rd Winter Games will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia in just a few weeks. This marks the 3rd Olympics that Canada will be hosting. Montreal hosted the 1976 Summer games and the Winter Games was hosted by Calgary 12 years later. “With glowing hearts” is the official motto of the games this year wherein 97 countries qualified. Most of the countries participated before. The first timers in the winter games are Ghana, Bahamas, Peru, Columbia, Cayman Islands, Montenegro and Serbia. You have to admire these countries from warm climates who travel very far just to train for events like alpine skiing, cross country skiing, bobsled, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, luge and snowboarding.

All the athletes are looking forward to showing off their skills and talents with hopes of winning a medal. Some athletes have encountered situations that ended their careers temporarily.

Danny Davis who won the Grand Prix snowboarding event just 2 weeks ago had an ATV accident last week which left him with back injuries. Unfortunately, some athletes worked very hard to reach their success only to be derailed by these kinds of incidents. Hopefully, Danny will get better and be back to compete in the 2014 Winter Games.