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Countdown To The Winter Games

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In less than a month (Feb. 12-28), the opening of the 23rd Winter Games will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia.  This will mark the 3rd Olympics hosted by Canada.  Montreal was host to the Summer Games of 1976 and Calgary to the Winter Games 12 years later.  “With glowing hearts” will be the official motto for this years games for which 97 countries have already qualified.  Most of these countries are return participants but these will be the first winter games for Bahamas, Ghana, Peru, Columbia, Montenegro, Caymen Islands and Serbia.  One has to admire these nations who occupy warm weather locales which make it necessary to travel great distances to train for such events as alpine skiing, bobsled, cross country skiing, free-style skiing, luge, ski jumping and snowboarding.

As most of the athletes look anxiously forward to demonstrating their skills and abilities with the hope of earning a medal, some have encountered circumstances which will end their dreams, at least temporarily.

Locally, Danny Davis who beat out the competition to win the Grand Prix in the snowboarding event only 2 weeks ago has suffered season ending back injuries in an ATV accident this past week.  It’s unfortunate to see these athletes who have worked so long and hard to achieve success get derailed early on.  Hopefully injuries will heal and Danny (as well as others who are forced to put their hopes of an Olympic medal on hold) will be back to demonstrate their expertise in the Winter Games of 2014.