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Courage Often Accompanies Success

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We hear stories of athletes who suffer trials and setbacks, many of which would seem to completely derail their careers. In some instances, and for some individuals, the obstacles appear to be too difficult to manage and cause the injured parties to lose their way. However, in a great many cases there are athletes who somehow come up with the determination, discipline and sheer fortitude to tackle and overcome their troubles, even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. It is a a beautiful thing to witness and a lesson for all of us as we deal with the obstacles in our own lives.
Recently, a talented speed skater, Kelly Gunther participated in a couple of grueling races, one a 500 meter event and the other a 1,000 meter event, both part of the U.S. Speedskating Championship which was held in Kearns, Utah. Gunther didn’t win but she did come in 3rd with a surpingly good time in the 1,000 meter race. What is remarkable about this exhibition is that it was Gunther’s first foray back into the world of speedskating since her devastating accident on the ice last year which left her with a badly injured leg. Besides the physical injury, Gunther had to deal with the pervasive fear that is an unwelcome side effect in many sports injuries. This young speedskater refused to give up on her goal of winning an Olympic medal and told her fans that she would be back and ready to compete in the 2014 Olympics which will be held in Russia. It has taken Gunther a lot of hard work and mental toughness to get back on the ice and will take many more months to regain the strength and stamina she lost. She’s willing to put forth whatever effort it takes and those who know her aare convinced that she’ll go the distance.

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