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Courage Often Accompanies Success

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There are a lot of stories about athletes who experience setbacks that seemed like it will kill their careers. It seems like the obstacles and injuries are too much to handle. However, there are athletes who show sheer strength, determination and discipline that helps them overcome these odds. It’s very inspiring for all of us as we try to deal with our own obstacles.

Recently, Kelly Gunther, a gifted speed skater, has joined in a couple of challenging races. One was a 500 meter event and another was 1,000 meters. Both events were part of the US Speedskating Championship, held in Kearns, Utah. She did not win but she placed third in the 1,000 meter race with a good time. What is remarkable about this race is that Gunther had just recovered from a severely injured leg she sustained from an accident on the ice last year. Aside from the physical injuries, she had to deal with the prevalent fear of the consequences of side effects of sports injuries. This did not shake the young speed skater from her goal of winning the Olympic medal. She told her fans that she will return and be ready to join the match in the 2014 Olympics that was held in Russia. It took a lot of hard work and mental strength for Gunther to get back to the ice. It took more months to recuperate the stamina and strength she lost. She gave all she’s got to do whatever it takes to recover and go the distance. Those who personally knew her attest that she is very determined.

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