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Crazy Week For Jazz

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What a crazy week for the Jazz organization, losing three good players and gaining two different (but also good) players. It is interesting to observe the public sentiment regarding these changes. Normally, one would think that there would be a lot of regret about losing a player of Boozer’s caliber, but instead it seems that many people are delighted with the prospects of having Al Jefferson play here. He conducted himself well at a press conference yesterday and made fans believe that he really is excited to be here and intends to play his heart out. THAT is exactly what we were lacking with Carlos Boozer. Yes, he is a terrific basketball player, but we had always trouble really believing that he wanted to be here. We’re feeling a lot more sincerity from our new big man and we like it. In addition, those same feelings extend to the newest selection, Raja Bell. Bell is a scrappy, determined player (not unlike Wesley Matthews) and most fans believe that he wants to be here and that he intends to get the job done. All in all, we have reason to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

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