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Crazy Week For Jazz

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It’s been a crazy week for the Jazz team after losing 3 of their good players and getting 2 new ones. It is intriguing to observe the public’s reaction after these changes. One will expect the fans to feel regret after losing a player like Boozer. Instead, a lot of people are excited with the thought of having Al Jefferson play for the team.

He behaved very well during yesterday’s press conference and told the fans he’s excited to be with the team and play his best. THAT was what was lacking with Carlos Boozer. He’s a very good basketball player but his heart was not in it. Sincerity was felt with this new big guy and the fans can feel it too. Additionally, these feelings were felt with another new recruit, Raja Bell. Bell is a very determined and inconsistent player, but he’s the kind of player who will get the job done. The fans are optimistic that Jazz will have a better season.

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