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Crazy Week For NBA

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It’s been a wild one for the Jazz team after losing 3 good players and gaining 2 new ones all in one week. What the fans had to say about the changes are interesting. Typically, you would think that they will regret losing a player like Boozer’s expertise but instead it seems the fans are actually delighted with the thought of Al Jefferson playing with the team. He behaved well in a press conference held yesterday and earned the fans’ sympathy because he expressed that he is excited to play with the Jazz team. That is the character the fans have been looking for. Carlos Boozer is a powerful player but his heart is not with the team. The fans feel a lot of sincerity from the new big man and they love it. Additionally, these feelings are extended to the new guy Raja Bell. He may playinconsistently, but he’s a determined player unlike Wesley Matthews. Most of the fans think he wants to be with the team and he will get the job done. Over all, the fans think this coming season looks very positive.

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