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Current Status of the NBA

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The season that almost didn’t happen at all is now approaching the final few regular games before post season play begins. So, how are things looking for basketball’s elite teams at this point in time? Obviously, the answer to that question has a good deal to do with the success (or lack thereof) of the team you are rooting for. If you happen to be a big fan of the guys who wear the black, silver and white basketball uniforms of the San Antonio Spurs you are probably feeling pretty good about the season. If, however, you have been cheering for the team from Charlotte or the squad from New Orleans, no doubt you are glad that the dismal season is nearing an end. For those who align themselves with teams who fall somewhere in the middle of the pack, hopes are still alive that perhaps a play-off appearance will be possible.
Basketball commissioner, David Stern recently commented that the rules associated with the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement have made it a more competitive field for all of the teams. It’s no longer possible for the mega-wealthy owners to stack the deck against the other teams by stockpiling players, using exceptions and other manipulative measures to ensure their success. It gives small market teams like the Utah Jazz, the San Antonio Spurs a more even playing field in which to operate their franchises. As the basketball year winds down, fans are hoping that off-season trades and increased enthusiasm will lead to an even better NBA season next year