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Current Status of the NBA

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The final few regular games of this season is fast approaching as the post season plays are about to begin. So what is the current status of the elite basketball teams right now? If you are a huge fan of San Antonio Spurs, you are probably happy to know that the boys in the black, silver and white basketball uniforms are doing great this season. However, if you’re cheering for the New Orleans or Charlotte teams, then you’d probably want the season to end. For those cheering for the teams who’s standing is somewhere in the middle, then the season is still not over yet, there might be some chance they could still win in the play-offs.

David Stern, the basketball commissioner said that the rules incorporated in the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement made the field a more competitive one for all teams. The mega-wealthy owners are no longer allowed to stack the deck against other teams thru stockpiling players, by the use of exceptions and other manipulative measures to guarantee success. For small market teams such as the Spurs and Utah Jazz, it gives them an even playing field where they can operate their franchises. As the season is about to end, the fans are expecting that the off-season trades and enhanced enthusiasm leads to a better NBA season next year.