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Cutting Peyton Lose

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Peyton Manning’s separation from the team of the Indianapolis Colts has finally taken place. He is no doubt one of the greatest players wearing a football helmet, being a former Super Bowl champion and became a 4 time MVP of the NFL. It will be very hard for anyone to replicate all of his achievements.

Manning never intended to leave the Colts franchise. He looked forward to finishing his long-time career wearing the Colts football jersey. Last July when he signed his 5 year, 90 million dollar contract with the team, he said he was thrilled to finish his career in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, he sustained a neck injury toward the end of the season in 2010. He was unable to play for the entire 2011 season. He had to undergo 4 neck surgeries and several months of recuperation.

The Colts management appears to be equally emotional with Manning’s removal from the roster. But it was just too financially draining for the management’s payroll. In the next month’s draft for new players, the Colts gets to choose first and most likely they will pick Stanford’s quarterback Andrew Luck. They are hopeful Luck is a good fit for the team and that he will deliver amazing scores with him.

It’s hard to replace a player who successfully topped all the statistics. Manning has made 50,000 passing yards, over 200 consecutive starts and 350 touchdowns. True greatness, the best adjective that describes Peyton Manning, does not come by every day. On and off the field, this man demonstrated that extraordinary skill and character that is very rare with any person. He will be missed by his teammates and the city who admires him. His millions of fans all over the country will miss watching his unbeatable skills on the football field.