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Cycling Gains Popularity

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In past decades, the sport of cycling has always been in the shadows. With the exception of Tour de France, no other major cycling event occurs around the world.

The good thing is that more people are wearing their cycling jerseys and ride their bikes more often. They do this for exercise and serious competition as well. In fact the state of Utah is now the favorite training ground for cycling enthusiasts.

Because of this, the popularity of the sport has grown by leaps and bounds. The snow covered trails of the states’ mountains turn into lush greenery during summer and this is where cyclists wearing their cycling shorts go up to and bike their way around.

Today there are several cycling events in this state. This is proof that the sport is fast gaining popularity. This is why the Tour of Utah was introduced. This is acknowledged as the toughest cycling event in the country. Cycling enthusiasts from all over the world come and join the festivities. Now it is considered as one of Tour de France equal.

Organizers of the event are mostly volunteers. The whole thing lasts for six days where the participants are subjected to the toughest terrains that their bikes can take.