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Cycling Jerseys and Sharing the Road

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One of the latest discussions that made it to front page is the unending battle for the road between drivers and cyclists. In several events, both of the sides believe they’re entitled to their rights on the road. How can you stop the two camps from mudslinging each other and come up with a common ground? To begin with, both parties will need to listen 100 percent to each other’s concerns.

Though a cyclist will be wearing brightly colored custom cycling jersey, it will make them very visible to the motorists in the traffic, there will always be an exceptional one who did not see him. This lone driver who is not paying attention hits the cyclist. Several cyclists purchase their colored warm-up jacket for this exact reason. Their two hundred pound cycling gear does not match up to the two hundred pound vehicle once it hits them on the road. It is important that both parties pay attention to the road.

Communication is key to your success. This quote also applies to cyclists and drivers as well. If the cyclists make use of the road with cars, then the same road rules should apply to them. This means they also have to follow stopping, signaling and not cutting cars off while in traffic. Additionally, investing in brightly colored gear is used by cyclists in giving cards their heads up to the motorists about their travel routes. This is very helpful at night when most collisions occur between cards and bicycles. The move visible the cyclist can appear to the cars, the better. Before hitting the road, the cyclists must check the locality’s rules about bikes on the road. There may be additional rules about the rights of cyclists on the road.

There are many ways the cyclist could avoid colliding with cars while they are on the road. Aside from wearing bright colors, cyclists must learn how to safely check who is behind them. Usually, when the biker turns around to see who is behind them, the handlebars follow to the side where they are looking and this results to a crash. The bicyclist could avoid this by dropping his/her hand from the side that they are turning to their side. Then move their other hand towards the center of the handlebars. With this technique, you retain control of the the bike while safely checking your back. Before taking any of this tips out in the street, it is best to practice them a few times in an empty street. These tips could help you avoid collisions and accidents and instead enjoy a joy ride on the road.