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Cycling Jerseys and Sharing the Road

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One of the more recent arguments to make the front pages of newspapers is the continual fight between bicyclists and drivers for the road. In many instances, both sides believe that they’re entitled to the rites of the road. So how can the mudslinging between the two parties stop, and how can middle ground be reached? For starters, both parties need to pay 100% attention to each other. Although a bicyclist may be wearing a neon yellow custom cycling jersey that makes them visible to the majority of traffic, there’s still that one driver who’s not paying attention – and will hit the bicyclist. Many bicyclists purchase in bulk neon colored warm up jackets for this exact reason; because as a bicyclist, your two-hundred pounds versus a car’s two thousand pounds doesn’t stand a chance in a collision. It’s essential that both parties pay attention at all times while on the road.

Plenty of old anecdotes state that communication is the key to success. This applies to both on road bicyclists as well as drivers. If bicyclists should decide to take to the road with the cars, they’re under the same road rules as the cars – this means signaling, stopping, and not cutting cars off in traffic. In addition, by investing in a couple of brightly colored warm up jackets, bicyclists will give cars a heads up about their whereabouts. This is especially helpful during night – when most bicycle and car collisions occur. The more visible a bicyclist can make themselves to a car, the better. And before taking to the road, bicyclists should check out their local government’s rules regarding bikes on the road. There may be additional stipulations about bicyclists’ rites of passage on the road.

There are several ways that bicyclists can avoid crashing while riding on the road with other cars. Aside from that neon orange custom cycling jersey, bicyclists should learn how to safely check behind them. Usually, when a biker looks behind them while riding, the handlebars follow the direction they’re looking, resulting in a crash. A bicyclist can avoid this by dropping his/her hand from the side that they’re turning to their side, and then moving their other hand closer to the center of the handlebars. By doing this, they’ll maintain control while safely checking behind them. Yet before taking this tip to the road, it’s best to practice a few times on an empty street. This technique can help avoid accidents and collisions while on the road.