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Cycling Your Way To Fitness

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Cyclists have the dedicated long distance runner’s mentality, only on wheels. They are also in as good a shape as runners. Cycling is a great way to exercise and can burn up a lot of calories as well as develop firm and lean muscles. It is a great aerobic exercise and good for the hear as well.

The traditional cyclist body is lean and long. However, with recreational cycling getting more popular every day, all kinds of people can be found cycling to work or just pedaling long distances. As a form of exercise, cycling helps increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

It is fun to see cyclists pass by as a group in their colorful cycling jerseys and shorts. Although cycling is an individual sport, it is a social sport. Cyclists congregate and interact with one another when they meet. It does not matter if they are total strangers. They may not know anything about the other person, but the war stories are the same and helps create a bond.

You can start cycling at any time you want. It does not matter what condition you are when you start. It is always you and your bike against the road, a trail or an uphill climb. The other riders are there doing their own pedaling and encountering the same challenges.

If you want to lose pounds, and develop a healthy, lean body, you should consider cycling as a recreational sport.