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Cycling Your Way To Fitness

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Have you ever noticed that most of the people you see out in their cycling jerseys pedaling down the road seem to be in pretty good shape? Cycling is an excellent form of exercise for someone who wants to burn a ton of calories and firm up muscles. In addition, there are numerous other reasons that cycling is just plain good for you; one of which is the fact that it can improve your cardiovascular fitness. The sustained effort that purposeful riding requires is great for the heart.
Increased muscle strength, endurance and flexibility are also benefits associated with this type of exercise. Those who initially begin a riding program often complain that they get tired quickly and feel a lack of energy. When they continue to cycle on a regular basis they find that those feelings are soon replaced with increased energy and the ability to ride for much longer periods. They begin to experience stamina that they didn’t know they had. Coordination and joint mobility can also be improved through regular cycling.
Perhaps two of the most enviable side affects that can be experienced through a commitment to cycling is a decrease in the build up of stress and a decrease in body fat. Most of us understand that stress is part of life but it is extremely helpful to be able to manage that stress so that it does not negatively interfere with our lives. Cycling provides a fun and effective way to manage that stress.
For those wanting to shed a few (or more) pounds of unwanted fat, cycling is a great choice as an exercise to help with that endeavor. Studies show that depending on ones weight and amount of exertion they can expect to burn somewhere between 75 and 600 calories in a half an hour. That is a pretty significant way to shave off unwanted pounds.