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Cyling Season Is Underway

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Another popular sport during springtime is cycling. Though there are a few brave souls who cycle during winter, most people are not that excited to hop on their bikes until spring arrives. Once it does, cyclists are out in the roads up to the mountain paths.

Though professional cyclists train seriously all throughout the year, it is around this time that they look forward to the start of big races like the Tour De France. Sadly, the past few years had several events that led to the decrease of the public interest in this sport. There were a lot of criticisms that the cycling world got involved in using illegal drugs and there had been a lot of accusations being thrown around.

Recently, Floyd Landis, a former Tour de France champion, put several cyclists in the hot seat by implicating them with the use of illegal drugs. He accused Lance Armstrong, along with Dave Zabriskie (a former roommate of Landis) for using drugs. His fellow athletes just shake their heads and wonder if Landis is merely dragging down people with him as his reputation continues to slide. Meanwhile, Zabriskie’s teammates are showing their full support and said they were confident Dave could win his races without any drug use.

It is sad that the reputation of several great athletes are tarnished by the use of illegal drugs so that they can maximize their performances. It takes the thrill out of the sport and discourages others who have an interest in engaging in the sport at a competitive level.

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