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Detmer Lands A Spot In College Hall Of Fame

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Ty Detmer played Quarterback for Brigham Young University from 1987 to 1991. He was a super quarterback in the college ranks. Recently, he was included in the list of awardees for College Football Hall of Fame. Detmer was a remarkably skilled player who made pinpoint passes and directed his teams’ plays with not much fault.

He wore his football helmet with so much pride and led his team to glory. He will be remembered for that game against the University of Miami back in 91 when he passed for 406 yards which produced 3 touchdowns. This was one of the most amazing performances by a quarterback in the college ranks. This was the game where everything he did just fell into place and helped his team win. What made it more special was the fact that Miami held the number 1 ranking at that time.

The whole country was in disbelief. No one ever thought that BYU could beat a team like Miami. In his whole career, he rewrote 59 records in the NCAA and brought home the Heisman Trophy, the only BYU player to ever do so. Although he spent 15 years in the NFL, most of his success happened during his college days.