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Detmer Lands A Spot In College Hall Of Fame

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Stand-out BYU quarterback from 1987-1991, Ty Detmer, has landed a much deserved spot in the 2012 group of inductees into the College Football Hall of Fame. Those who were fortunate enough to see this talented young man play can attest to his remarkable skill level and athletic abilities. The years he wore a Cougar football helmet at Brigham Young University resulted in some of the greatest moments in the school’s sports history. Few who were present at the BYU/ U. of Miami game in 1991 are likely to forget the adrenaline rush and complete thrill of watching this quarterback pass for a whopping 406 yards and complete three touch-down passes. It seemed he could do no wrong, everything was going his way and the way of the Cougars. The country was stunned to learn that the number one team in college football was knocked off by a squad from BYU led by their premier 6 ft. quarterback, Ty Detmer. Those were some of the glory years of BYU sports. Detmer broke 59 NCAA records and came away with the coveted Heisman Trophy being the only BYU player to ever receive that honor. He was also unquestionably the leading passer in the history of the university. He went on to have a 15 year career in professional football but did not enjoy the kind of success he had in his college experience. It’s undeniable that in those days he was a force to be reckoned with.