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Different Types of Volleyball


In the popular team sport of volleyball, the objective is to score points by getting the ball to touch the ground on the side of the net that belongs to the opposing team. 

Different types of Volleyball

While both men and women play the game, female teams now dominate the sport. Volleyball has different variations with each version having its distinct regulations and set of rules. However, the skill requirements are similar so players can easily slide between different variations of the game. 

Here’s a look at common types of volleyball: 

  • Indoor volleyball – The game requires special skill with emphasis on teamwork. Indoor volleyball players must master different skills, which include serving, blocking and spiking. The game is spontaneous and fast. 
  • Newcomb volleyball – This type of volleyball is played by children and people with limited athletic ability. The rules are the same as indoor volleyball, except that the players catch the ball instead of hitting it. The player who catches the ball will pass it to another teammate or throw it to the opposing team with hopes that it will hit the ground before being caught.
  • Outdoor volleyball – This iteration is also similar to indoor volleyball except that it involves a different surface. It can be played on an outdoor court that looks like a tennis court or in the sand. The game is harder to play than indoor volleyball because of natural factors such as the wind. 
  • Beach volleyball – This is an outdoor version of volleyball that requires players to have all-around skills because there are only two teammates. Players often go barefoot because they are playing on sand. 

The game of volleyball requires basic equipment such as a ball, volleyball pole sets, volleyball nets, and a volleyball caddy.