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Disappointing Loss For Jazz

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Wednesday nights game against the Houston Rockets was a complete wash-out. The Jazz struggled right from the get-go and could never get in sync. Obviously they were tired from the huge effort they put in to pull off a win against Oklahoma City just the night before, but the Thunder made a great showing in their back to back game as did Houston who also played on Wednesday night and came out on the floor against the Jazz with very little sleep. No excuses. Either you come to play or you don’t. It is a bit disheartening that when the premier players (Deron and Carlos) have an off night that someone else can’t step up to take some of the pressure off. That doesn’t seem to happen with our Utah team. Andrei has missed a slew of games and that has hurt the team, and now it appears that Mehmet Okur is having some health issues. Oh boy, what timing. Last nights 113-96 loss dropped the Jazz from the number 2 spot to the number 5 spot in the Western Conference standings. One would hope that with only 3 games left the Jazz could try to stay in the hunt.