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Disappointing Loss For Jazz

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The game against Houston Rockets last Wednesday night was a complete disappointment. Jazz team struggled right from the start and just couldn’t get it right. Obviously, they still have not recovered from losing against Oklahoma City the previous night. But Thunder made a great show their back to back game and so did Houston who played Wednesday night, and still came out playing on the court versus Jazz with almost no sleep. There could be no excuses. It’s either you come out to play or you don’t.

It is a bit disappointing when the top players Carlos and Deron had their night off that no one can step up and take some heat off. That never happens to the Utah team. Andrei missed a few games and it hurt the team. Looks like Mehmet Okur is having some medical concerns. What a timing! Last night’s loosing score was 113-96. This dropped the Jazz team from the 2nd spot to the 5th standing in the Western Conference. The fans are hoping with only 3 games left the Jazz team should try and stay in the lead.