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Dismal Performance For The Celtics

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What a difference one day makes! Instead of celebrating, the Celtics are down on the floor after being defeated by Lakers with a 67-89 score blow. Boston equaled the fourth lowest scoring half in the NBA finals history.

That is a record you’d be ashamed off. The scoring total of this “fab four” was just off by 1 point from the prior game. This time the score was totally zero. The team managed a pathetic 13 points in total. No wonder they had a big loss. Kobe as usual played his best shots putting 11 rebounds and for LA 7-7 field goals. The team also got help from the bench and they were actually more determined and energetic from the Boston boys.

Tomorrow night, the last game will be played at Staples Center. The fans are hoping the team could put that loss behind and move on with better team play tomorrow night.

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