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Do Longer Workouts Lead To Increased Benefits?

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Although it sounds logical that if you spend a longer period of time working out it will lead to more and better results but it turns out that is not necessarily the case. Dr. Oz (a renowned surgeon) has suggested that when it comes to your workout anything over an hour is basically negligible. That’s good news for those of us who know we need to exercise but we’re not all that thrilled about the prospects of grabbing our gym bags and heading to the gym for a lengthy workout. A recent Danish study concluded that those individuals who spent 30 minutes daily working out over a 90 day period ended up losing more weight than those who worked out for an hour or more during that same period of time. Those involved with the study felt that the reason for this was likely because those who put in the shorter workout retained enough energy to stay active and energetic throughout the day while those who did the longer morning workouts burned out more quickly and had less energy reserves. The participants in this particular study did only cardio exercise and even that produced good results, however it has been proven to be more beneficial to include weight training and stretching as part of one’s exercise routine.