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Do Longer Workouts Lead To Increased Benefits?

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People have the misconception that the longer you exercise, the more health benefits that you will receive. It turns out that it is not true at all. According to a famous surgeon, Dr. Oz, anything over an hour of exercise is basically insignificant. That’s good news for people who do not like to indulge in lengthy exercise workouts.

Recently, a Danish research concluded that people who exercised 30 minutes a day in a 90 day period lost most weight than those who worked out for over an hour with the same period of time. The participants of the study felt that the reason for these results is that those who exercised for a shorter period of time had enough energy for the rest of the day to stay energetic and active. Those who exercised longer tend to get tired quickly because they had less reserve energy. The participants were told to do cardio exercises and that alone gave great results. It is proven that to get more health benefits weight training and stretching must be included in the exercise regimen.