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Do The Jazz Re-Sign Boozer?

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The urgent business for the Utah Jazz management this past week was the NBA draft and since that is now yesterdays news, it is now on to new pressing matters. For instance, Carlos Boozer – will he stay or will he go?
That obviously depends on who else might be interested in him and how much they may be willing to pay. His desires to play for another team was well known last year due to his outspoken remarks. This, however is a new year, and one has to wonder what his thinking is now.

The free-agent signing period will begin Wednesday and it appears that GM Kevin O’Connor will be wooing Boozer. There are mixed feelings about that from fans who appreciate how great Carlos can be and from those who question his durability given how many games he has missed due to various injuries (28%, which is a pretty hefty number). If he does re-sign, is that what fans are going to be seeing again next season….a lot more missed games?
The next few weeks are going to be very interesting as the future of the Utah Jazz continues to unfold.

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