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Do You Bleed Red Or Blue?

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The hype is at epic proportions and the fans on both sides of the fence are ready to be fully engaged in the fierce rivalry that exists between B.Y.U. and the University of Utah. This intense battle which is fraught with emotion and energy has been going on for decades and has the state fairly equally divided along color lines, specifically Utah red and Cougar blue. This in-state rivalry generates a lot of opinion, heat and expressed disdain which on occasion crosses the line. It presents an interesting dynamic in a state where many families have some members who are U. of U. alumni and other family members who are graduates of B.Y.U.
Tomorrow, when these two football teams meet, it will be for the last time as members of the Mountain West Conference where each year they have anticipated meeting one another in the final game of the season. Both teams have had an interesting season with B.Y.U. starting slowly and then proceeding to build steadily while the Utes were red-hot early on and then faltered in some big games late in the schedule.
Saturday’s game will mark the end of an era with Utah leaving the MWC to become part of the elite Pac 12 and B.Y.U. becoming one of only four major independent teams, (Army, Navy and Notre Dame are the other three).
There is a lot hanging on the game tomorrow such as which team will be celebrating tomorrow night (and for many days thereafter) and which legion of fans will gain long-term bragging rights.

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