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Do You Bleed Red Or Blue?

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The publicity is great between the two teams who are scheduled to match – the University of Utah and BYU, and their fans are all ready to engage. This intense rivalry is filled with energy and emotion that has been going on for years and has divided the whole state into two colors, the red of Utah and blue of the Cougar. The wide spread rivalry creates a lot of opinions, intrigues and outright scorn which once in a while crosses the line. It interesting to watch what will happen between family members who are divided because of their affinities to these two universities.

Tomorrow, will be the last time these two football teams will meet as members of the Mountain West Conference. Each years they anticipate seeing each other for a match during the last game of the season. Both teams had an interesting season. BYU started out in a slow pace then proceeded to build their momentum steadily. Utah has intense early on then started to fade in their later games.

Saturday’s game is marking the end of the era with Utah leaving MWC to be unite with the elite Pac 12. BYU became 1 of 4 independent teams with Notre Dame, Army and Navy as the other 3.

There is a lot of suspense for tomorrow’s game like which team will win and fans will celebrate.

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