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Does Football Bowl System Need To Be Revised?

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Recent reports indicate that there are no less than 35 bowl games that are played in the coming weeks to culminate the 2010 football season. It seems like there are too many games being played to decide which teams will emerge as the overall champions. It is really necessary to have several play-off games until the season ends?

Of course, we all expect the best teams to play in the bowl game. These teams have a track record of wins for the season and earned the honor of participating in the games. However, that is not the case with several of the invitees to the bowl game this year.

New Mexico bowl game for instance, will feature UTEP versus BYU, a match between2 teams who ended their seasons with a 6-6 standing. Not exactly winners of the season. The New Orleans Bowl will match injury plagued Ohio against Troy who has a 7-5 standing. There is very little attention given to the matches except for the schools who are playing. When the play-offs become diluted with this kind of mix, the games lose their appeal. It would be a better idea to just have lesser bowl games and invite teams who truly deserve to participate in the games.

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