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Does Getting Older Also Have To Mean Gaining Weight?

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Remember the old days when you could eat just about anything you wanted to eat at any hour of the day or night and your body did not seem to be affected by it one bit? For many of us, those are very distant memories. The new reality is that we have to be conscious of what we eat and, and to a lesser extent, careful of when we eat. Some people find that eating foods later in the evening is a sure-fire way to pack on some unwanted pounds.
There is a lot of re-training and re-thinking that needs to take place when the metabolism decides that it has had enough of the binge eating that it used to tolerate on a regular basis.

Another change that you may have noticed is that it takes a lot more exercise to keep your body from morphing into the form of a couch potato. In the old days, occasional bike rides, ski days, and hikes seemed to do the trick as far as the need for physical activity. When you start to get older, that all changes. Physical activity can no longer be just an occasional occurrence, but rather a daily habit. Since it has been proven that routine exercise has the ability not only to keep your body in shape, it also aids in how well you sleep, helps to ward off certain illnesses and allows you to deal with stress more effectively, it is obviously something that is very beneficial for each of us. Some people are not crazy about working out, or do not particularly enjoy jogging or biking, but there is something for that will suit them if they will take the time to try a few new things. Do you like to swim? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and has very low impact on the joints unlike many other types of more heavy-duty forms of exercise. Search out forms of exercise that you enjoy and are likely to stay with. Walking is something that almost anyone can do and has proven to be a very effective way to exercise. Walking with friends gives you a chance for some socializing along with your workout.

As for eating habits, they really do have to change as you age; at least that is the case for most people. The bodies ability to burn fat diminishes making it necessary either to exercise more than you used to or to eat less and sometimes both remedies are necessary simultaneously. You may love fast food but the truth is that it may be something you have to restrict as far as your diet is concerned because there is simply too much fat and too many calories in most fast food items.

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