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Dry Spell Ahead For Sports Fans?

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This year, sports fans might not have the chance to see their favorite teams play especially throughout winter. There will be no players donning their basketball uniforms on the hardcourt. The main reason for this is that both players and team owners are at odds with each other during the past few months. Unfortunately, there are no solutions in sight for both sides. In order to address their differences, both sides have been holding meetings left and right. However, nothing positive has come out of these meetings. It has been a disappointing event so far that neither side would budge to what the other group wants. It seems that compromise is not going to happen.

Most of the fans feel that the owners are being too selfish. It seems that they only want to make a profit for themselves. To think that most of them have billionaire written on their status. However, fans also have to understand that making a profit is the reason why they became businessmen. The see basketball as a lucrative business and that is why they invested in it. One of the things that businessmen are not going to do is run a business that is not making money. The owners are one in saying that it is better to ditch the season if revenues are not going to get better.

This is definitely one of the fears that sports fans everywhere have. Unfortunately, the owners should be blamed for it. What do the players have to say? They are the one working hard and putting the points on the scoreboard so they must have a say in it as well. Here is their point of view – they want a bigger slice of the pie, even bigger than the owners.

They reason out that they are the ones doing all the hard work. As it is, they make massive amounts of money every year. With that alone, it is difficult to share their sentiments with what they want. Fans envy these athletes because they get paid in millions of dollars while enjoying their dream job.

If they want a bigger slice of the pie, are they aware of what the status of the economy is? So many are having a difficult time trying to make ends meet while here they are lavishing themselves in luxury and they still want more.

Evryone is hoping that all will work well between the two groups. Only time will tell.