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Duffel bags and other sports bags: Choosing the fabric that’s best for you

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Having the proper gears in sports can help you achieve your sporting goals, whether it is for competitive reason or simply as an enthusiast. For instance, as you look for the appropriate duffel bag, you will likely encounter material terminology such as 200D, 600D or similar with them. For sure, you wonder about the meaning of these terms. The following are some quick answers to prevailing questions with regards to the material used in making duffel bags and other sports and gym bags.


What are the commonly used materials for duffel bagsgym bags, and other sports bags?


The commonly used synthetic materials in manufacturing duffel bags, especially the products sold at RobbinsSports.com, are the 200D, 600D, and 1000D. The numbers are related to the durability and quality of the fabric used in the duffel bag. The higher the number before the D, the better the fabric used and hence, the better the quality of the duffel bag.

  • 200D Fabric is lightweight and made with 100% nylon fabric. It is coated with a polyurethane backing. This is the least waterproof and the cheapest bags available.
  • 600D Fabric is the commonly used fabric for making duffel bags. It is a heavy-duty with vinyl backing. It has better waterproofing feature than the 200D.
  • 1000D Fabric is the most durable of the three and it is made with 100% nylon with polyurethane backing. It has better properties than 200D and 600D.

Bags labeled as mesh are generally made of 100% heavy-duty nylon. This material is often used to make water bottle pockets of the bags. The mesh’ holes are smaller than jersey mesh.

The Jersey Mesh is not as durable as the normal mesh bags. It has larger holes and thus, referred to as porthole mesh. This material is usually used as equipment bags.

Question: Does the material used in duffel bag/gym bag have any impact on whether I can have the bags embroidered?


The type of material used in manufacturing the bags can affect the embellishment to be done. Some properties can be compromised if embroidery is to be place in the bag.

If you have questions about what to use for your gym bag, feel free to contact someone at RobbinsSports.com for information.