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Easy Moves That Relieve Stress

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Most people these days have very high stress levels. People live very stressful lives with constant worry about the looming fall of the economy and threat of unemployment. No wonder several people are living with so much mental anxiety. Having stress in small doses is not such a bad thing. Small amounts of stress is needed to stimulate us to work hard and do our best. However, excessive amounts of stress could make us feel anything but positive.

Stress is known to cause several health issues that includes high blood pressure and increases your risk for heart attacks and strokes and suppresses your immune system. These are conditions you would want to avoid so you have to do measures to do that.

Exercise is the best stress reliever and far better than taking pills to achieve the same results. Sadly, the mere mention of the word exercise is enough to drive people away. There are some simple exercises that anyone can perform as a form of stress relief and gain desirable health benefits.

Walk slowly while taking long, deep inhales and exhales is a sure way to slow down your heart rate and calm down your nerves. Do this simple exercise when you are feeling anxious and you will be amazed how quickly it calms your nerves.

While standing, slowly bend your neck from side to side for a few times. Then move your head in a slow circular motion, starting in one direction then doing the reverse. With your head facing straight ahead, lift your shoulder then lower it while moving it a circular motion. You will feel that great amount of stress on the shoulders will be removed.

You could sit cross-legged on the floor and make your back straight up with your arms down. Using the back of your hands, rest it gently against your knees. Begin with slow, deep breathing. Be conscious of the time you inhale and exhale. Reposition the body and mind in total relaxation for a short period of time. This is an efficient way to fight the stress that constantly threats to affect your physical and mental well-being.

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