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Easy Rules To Stay Slim

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With some easy changes and a few simple guidelines it’s not so hard to get (or keep) that slim figure that we all desire.
How many of us stay away from the scale like we would the plague. If so, we’re sabotaging ourselves when it comes to weight control. It turns out that those who weigh themselves at least twice a week are much more apt to stay on track than those who avoid the scale for weeks or months at a time.
When it comes to choosing which foods to eat when offered a wide selection, the best bet is to choose the foods you love the most. Don’t waste calories on the things that you consider to be “so-so”. Eat what you like but slowly and deliberately.
While most of us realize that exercise is of the utmost importance for our bodies and our overall well-being, most of us may not know that getting that exercise first thing is the day is optimum. Brain scan research has shown that those who work out in the morning end up moving more throughout the entire day and are less likely to be tempted by cravings than those who postpone their exercise until later in the day.
The notion that if we avoid eating some meals to “save up” for a later feast is foolhardy. When we do that we often end up gorging on a lot more calories than we would normally consume. The best bet is to eat three normal meals during the course of a day along with a couple of healthy snacks. That way our metabolism stays on track.
If you happen to miss your tennis match or your yoga workout, no need to stress. Find a small amount of time to get in some form of exercise and you’ll do yourself no harm. We tend to think we need to do the whole hour workout in order to get the job done but that doesn’t prove to be accurate. Even getting in a 15 minute exercise that elevates our heart rate can help us stay in shape.
Finally, recognize that willpower is essential when it comes to controlling our eating and finding time for exercise. And like so many other things, the more we practice it, the better we get at it.