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Electronic Scoreboards Were A Great Invention

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How did they keep score before the portable scoreboards were invented? Before when I was in college, I took up bowling as my elective in physical fitness class. I found it hard to keep score more than I could bowl. In my later years, to support my children while they are wearing their church basketball uniformsand pee wee soccer games they joined, I volunteered to keep score. It was a huge mistake. Even when all I had to do was flip the score chart every time they scored a goal or basket, I could not get it right. I had to focus on the scoring details it was impossible to enjoy watching the kids.

It is not known who originally invented the electronic scoreboard. But the credits were given to an Australian, Edward Both for its use during the 1952 Davis Cup match and 1956 Olympic Summer games. Though the scoreboard was very helpful in keeping scores it was oversized and stationary.

While that is appropriate for huge stadiums as it can be seen by thousands of people, it does not proper to use in smaller sporting events where the venue and crowd are smaller. Whoever made the first electronic portable scoreboard should receive the proper recognition for it. These types of scoreboards usually weigh approximately 12 pounds and could be carried from one location to another. These are economical, efficient and provides a reliable method of scoring than a person manually keeping track of the score.

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