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Even Giving A Little Can Help A Lot

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During these difficult times when money is very hard to get, it is hard for you to think of helping somebody else. Amazing though because that is just what happened.

Even those who have very little understand the importance of sharing all that they have with others who are in need. This experience is a rare and beautiful effect that happened during a challenging time like this.

Sometimes, by going thru hard times brings out the goodness in people. It even brings out the best in businesses. Companies like the Marriot, Ritz-Carlton and Starwood Resorts were recently reported to have shown some charitable acts by offering their rooms for free to several individuals who suffered from critical illnesses.

Airlines like Southwest, Continental and AirTran did their part by offering their air fare for free to the same people. These reports are totally different from the sad news we always hear and this serves to change our outlook in life and uplift our spirits. It also makes us want to do business with these kinds of companies who are generous to those who are in need.

In the world of sports, there are several stories about star athletes who give themselves to lighten the burden of others. Yao Ming has contributed to the relief of millions of suffering and poor children in his country. Lance Armstrong, the 7 time Champion of Tour de France, gives largely to the fight against cancer and Muhammad Ali travels all over the world to lend his name and popularity in the cause against hunger and poverty.

You don’t need to be as famous or as rich to be able to give a helping hand to someone who is in dire need. Any help you can offer may not be in the form of money at all. If you are willing and able to help your neighbor by giving them a break from one of their heavy chores, they will truly appreciate that. You can help with childcare or taking care of an elderly in their family or bringing them some dinner or say an encouraging word, these are the things they might just need at that specific time.

What if each one of us made it our concern each and every day to find out how we can help our neighbor in some way? Would that not make a difference in the lives of people around us and in our very own lives as well? Why don’t you give it a try? Though this could just be an experiment, it may end up as your way of life.

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in Basketball Uniforms and Portable Scoreboards.