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Exercise For Life

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It’s true that as we mature in years there are a number of things we tend to outgrow. Exercise is not one of those things. Exercise is one of the first things we do after we’re born by continually moving our little bodies as they begin to grow. It’s one of the things we require when we are children in order to develop strong, supple active bodies. This need stays with us throughout our lives and helps us in ways we may not even be aware of. Besides burning the calories that tend to become an issue for many as they age, exercise also allows us to tone our muscles, improve our endurance and combat the stress that is a constant companion to many of us. Why is it then, that something so important to us and so beneficial to our well being is shunned by a great many people? For those who have only managed to accomplish a very minimum of physicality in their lives, exercise may sound overwhelming. They hear about marathon runners who pound the pavement mile after mile and individuals who are clad in their cycling jerseys who rack up many dozens of miles on their bicycles routinely and they cannot even comprehend how they manage to do such things. The thing is, not everyone has to exercise to the extreme in order to reap the desired benefits. The body is an amazing instrument and by starting out slowly and sticking with it, most people can accomplish far more than they ever dreamed possible. Our bodies can stretch and perform in wonderful ways when we take the necessary steps to make that possible. Several states sponsor senior games each year which draws people from throughout the country to compete with others in a wide array of various sports. One such venue is held in Northeast Ohio and attracts some 11,000 participants who compete in over 20 different sporting events. Not only do these individuals improve their bodies, their mental awareness and their dispositions, but they have a great deal of fun doing it. Not wanting to be part of the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight and much too sedentary, they make exercise an important part of their lives each and every day. Many of these individuals will tell you that they haven’t always been considered an athlete and that at some point in their lives they made the decision to get on the exercise wagon to improve their over-all well being.
Many started out very slowly, walking only for 5-10 minutes each day and then working up to longer and longer walks. Lots of these people will tell you that they found it much easier to begin an exercise program and to stick with it if they had friends who would join them. Time tends to go by quickly when you’re visiting with a friend as you are walking. No matter one’s age it’s good to remember that you are never too old to begin to exercise your body. You will notice wonderful changes and abilities you did not realize you possessed when you make exercise a part of your life.