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Exercise For Life

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It is true that as we get older there are some things that we outgrow. Exercise is one of the things we can never outgrow. Our body is always in constant movement that is why exercise is a lifetime thing. The moment we are born, we have to move to make our little bodies grow. As children, exercise builds up the strength and resistance of our bodies. When we become adults, exercise is helpful in burning calories that becomes an issue as we get older. Exercise tones our muscles, improves our body’s endurance and fights the stress we encounter in our everyday lives. So why is something so important and beneficial to our lives being shunned by a lot of people?

For those who are not fond of working out, exercise will seem overwhelming. If they see marathon runners wearing cycling jerseys and will run or ride their bikes for several miles, ordinary people cannot comprehend what motivates these runners to do all that. What they don’t know is that you don’t have to do extreme exercises to reap the desired benefits. The body is an instrument that can be fine-tuned slowly. Just start out slowly when exercising and be consistent. You will be surprised on how far you can go with constant exercising. Our bodies could perform and stretch in more ways than you ever thought possible.

A lot of state sponsored senior games every year attracts people from all over the country to compete with each other thru a variety of sports. A popular venue where this event is held is in Northeast Ohio. 11,000 participants compete in more than 20 varied sporting events. The individuals not only improve their health, mental awareness and over-all disposition, they even have a great time while doing the activities. These people do not want to be part of the 2/3 of the American population who are sedentary and overweight that is why exercise is an important activity in their daily lives. Several of the individuals do not even consider themselves athletes. But at one point in their lives they committed themselves to the decision to join the exercise wagon just to improve their general health.

Several of these people started with slow walks for 5 to 10 minutes every day and worked their way up with longer walks. These people would advise that it’s easier to stick to an exercise regimen if you have an exercise buddy. Time flies when you are walking with a friend. You will never be too old to start exercising. Once you do start to exercise, you will notice the wonderful changes it will make on your body and how it improves your life.