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Farve Keeps Them Guessing

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In the on-going drama about whether or not Brett Favre will continue to play for the Minnesota Vikings or hang up his cleats forever, conflicting reports abound. Reports from earlier this week indicate that Favre announced to ESPN reporters that he fully intends to continue playing for the Vikings if his body is healthy enough to allow him to do so. Meanwhile, other reports suggest that he had recently texted some of his teammates of his intentions to end his career. Favre denies that his happened. Fact or fiction?

Favre underwent ankle surgery in May to repair damage done in an NFC championship game against the New Orleans Saints, a game that the Saints ended up winning. Apparently, Favre will be meeting with the doctor who performed his ankle surgery sometime next week and perhaps will then learn more about how well his injury has healed and will then be in a better position to make a decision regarding his future.

Reports are that the Vikings have agreed to increase Favre’s salary for this season by three million dollars, in addition to four million dollars of incentives which would allow him to make an estimated twenty million dollars for the season. That’s a ton of money for sure but Favre insists that the decision is not about the money but rather about whether or not his body will allow him to continue playing at the level that he has been accustomed to

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