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Farve Keeps Them Guessing

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Conflicting reports are going around about the on-going drama about Brett Favre. It is unsure if he will go on playing for Minnesota Vikings or retire permanently. Earlier this week, reports indicated that he announce to ESPN reporters that he intends to go on playing for the team if he is still healthy enough to do so. There are other reports however that said Favre texted some teammates that he intended to end his career. He denies doing that.

In May, Favre had ankle surgery to repair the damage he incurred during the game against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game that the Saints eventually won. Next week, he would be seeing his doctor who did the surgery and know how long it will take to heal so he would be able to make a better decision about his future.

There’s news that the Vikings are to increase his salary for this season to 3 million dollars plus 4 million dollars of incentives. This makes for him around 20 million dollars for the season. That’s a lot of money in it for him but he says the decision is not based on the money but whether his body could still play like he used to.

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