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Father Knows Best

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The old adage that “father knows best” is one that Jazz shooting guard, Raja Bell, has come to believe is right on the money. Bell has had a series of setbacks this year since his return to the Utah Jazz team, his most recent being a shooting slump. After missing most of last season after wrist surgery he acknowledged that it took some time to get back in the groove and to begin to feel natural when attempting a shot. Things did get rolling, however, and Bell was getting the job done until another minor injury sidelined him for a few games and once again he settled into a mini-slump. He managed to hit only four out of the last eighteen shots he took going into Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. A conversation with his dad prior to the Cleveland/Jazz game supplied Bell with some fatherly advise that seemed to do wonders for his game. The older Bell told Raja to make sure he was following completely through on his shots and to be sure he was getting his shots up high enough. Presto! It was if some magic dust had been sprinkled on Raja who went on to get a season high of 19 points including five three pointers. His effort helped the Jazz to claim a 101-90 victory for the night and also likely restored some confidence in his ability to make shots.

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