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Father Knows Best

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The saying “father knows best” is one quotation that Raja Bell, Jazz shooting guard, fully believes in. Bell has been having several setbacks this year since he made a comeback to the Jazz team. He recently had a wrist injury that had been giving him a shooting slump. He missed most of the last season and after recuperating for some time, he attempted to make a shot when he felt a little better. Things were just starting to get better until another minor injury set him back again. He got put off for a few games and once again got into a slump. He only managed to get 4 shots in out of the 18 he released when his team played again the Cleveland Cavaliers last Monday night.

Prior to the Jazz versus Cleveland game, Bell sat down with his dad for some fatherly advised. The older Bell advised Raja to make sure he made a follow thru with his shots and to make sure he was making his shots high enough. That talk must have put some magic dust on Raja’s performance. He made a season high of 19 points that included five 3 point shots. His effort made Jazz claim their victory with a 101-90 score that night. This also restored the confidence in himself to make those shots.

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