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Final Two Battle For World Cup

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The 2010 World Cup championship originally started with 32 teams in contention. It has now dwindled down to just 2 fighting for the first place, the Netherlands and Spain. On Sunday, the play-off game will commence and determine who wins this year’s trophy. Meanwhile, Uruguay will fight Germany to determine the third place winner. It’s been exciting in the past few week as the fans from all over the globe watched their countries win and fail or move on to the next game.

It’s a great thing that a sporting event of such huge proportions attracts the interest of millions of people all over the world. The Olympics had that same effect earlier this year and again we are enjoying it with the World Cup competitions. But once it is over, we are back to cheering for our own basketball teams and then wait for the football season to begin. What else will we do if we didn’t have sports in our lives?

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