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Final Two Battle For World Cup

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The original 32 teams in contention for the 2010 World Cup have now dwindled down to the remaining two that are vying for first place, Spain and the Netherlands. The play-off game will take place on Sunday and will determine who takes home the trophy for this year. Meanwhile, Uruguay will face off against Germany to decide who will hold the third place slot. It’s been a very interesting few weeks as fans from all over the world have watched their country teams fall to defeat or go on to the next level. Having such a large scale sporting event that spurs interest from millions of people at the same time is a great thing. We had that with the Olympics earlier in the year and are now enjoying it again with the World Cup competitions. Once that is over we’ll be back to cheering for our favorite baseball teams and awaiting the start of the football season. What ever would we do without sports to take us from one season to the next…..

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