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Finding Motivation To Exercise

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Isn’t it great watching top athletes sprinting up and down the court in their basketball jerseys or premier fighters inflict punishment on their opponent with hard hitting boxing gloves! It may get our adrenalin pumping but it doesn’t burn a single calorie for us spectators. Finding our own motivation to get moving is something that many of us find difficult to accomplish. It may be helpful to determine what it is that makes us feel the need to workout. Is it because of health concerns or a need to relieve stress? Is it the desire to look better and fit into the clothes we want to wear that is our motivation? All of those reasons are worthwhile for sure. The first step is the realistic commitment. Rather than telling ourselves that we’re going to lose 30 lbs. perhaps a better approach would be to say that we’re going to work out four days each week. That may seem a lot more doable to us. Once we have made that initial commitment, the next step is to schedule the activity. Are we going to tackle our physical activity first thing each morning, during our lunch hour from work, or perhaps in the evening hours? It’s been proven more successful to stick to a regular time rather than trying to fit the workout in whenever we can find a free 30,45 or 60 minutes. It is much less likely to happen if we don’t schedule it. With exercise, as with many other things, that hardest part is just getting started. Once you do that, you’re on your way toward success.