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Finding Motivation To Exercise

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Watching your favorite players in their basketball jerseys shooting the ball into the hoop is definitely exciting. This excitement can pump up your adrenalin and send you jumping up and down on your seat. But that wouldn’t be enough to burn those calories! You will have to fuel your motivation to get some exercise and sometimes watching a good game of sports can help.

Finding out the reason why you need to exercise may be a good start. Do you need to improve your health or to relieve your stress? Or maybe you want to lose a few inches on your waist so you can wear your favorite clothes that no longer fit. Whatever your reasons are you also have to make a commitment to keep exercising to achieve your goals.

Instead of just saying that you will exercise, you can commit to working out with your boxing gloves 4 times a week. You have to be firm and specific with your commitment. The next thing you should do is fix your schedules. Be realistic and plan your activities to make sure that these are doable. Set a fixed schedule when you are going to do your exercises within the day. This is more effective than doing your exercises only when you are available. If you do the latter, chances are you will never be able to do any exercise at all.