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Finding The Right Sport May Save A Young Person

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An event that happened today confirmed the thoughts I had in mind about sports being a crucial part of a young person’s life. Aside from all that we know about sports being beneficial once we get involved with it, there is also the personal aspect of it that we benefit from. In sports, we get health benefits from exercise, learning new skills, making new friends and others. It also rescues young people who feel they are outsiders. No doubt, young people find it very difficult to grow up these days trying to make the best choices for themselves despite all the odds going against them. It is tough being alone and having nothing in common with the people who are around you. Though it is great to be a unique individual and not feel the need to become a carbon copy of someone else just to feel like you belong with the crowd. However, it is very sad to feel alone and have no friends to hang out with. After all, when you are young that is important.

Truth is not many young people have social skills. They find it difficult to communicate with others and find little in common with those around them. For many, this is a tough place to be in. Several youngsters who become loners develop a low self-esteem and that causes other kinds of problems to occur in their lives.

Another harsh reality is that a lot of people, regardless of what age they are in, do not have strong athletic skills and has no desire to try out for conventional sports like basketball or football and for the girls, cheerleading. But that doesn’t mean they should stop looking for a sport they can engage in. There are several types of sports activities that could be the right fit for your friend. It might be the right one that will help them discover their niche and together with it, a whole new set of opportunities and friends.

Now, back to where I started. Today I ran into an old friend who has a son attending the 9th grade in a nearby middle school. He had difficulty learning and with that he developed a very low self-esteem over the years while he struggled to find his strengths. He did not like team sports because he felt he did not have what it takes to succeed in the arena. One afternoon, after his classes, he was at the school grounds when he happened to chance upon some girls and boys participating in the long-jump practice. The coach saw him and told him to try it out after all the other kids had left. On this special day, the young man decided to give it a try. To cut the story short, he was surprised that he could jump very far and became intent in pursuing this activity.

That happened 2 months ago. Since then, this young man is now part of a team that is practicing on how to improve their skills on things like long-jumps, high-jumps, discus throw and others. He found his own niche and his self-confidence as well. His grades have improved together with it. His mom feels that this has saved his son from falling into very difficult problems that he could have faced alone.

This is not your typical “one in a million” type of story. This could happen to any kid who desperately needs to find the niche in their lives where they could feel that they are competent and confident. One of the best things we can do for a lot of young people is to help them find ways on how to get themselves involved and do some worthwhile activities.

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