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Five Fabulous Tips For Fighting Fat

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Why is it so hard to keep from adding extra fat and to lose the fat we have already packed on? One of the things that so many of us do that really sabotage our weight loss and fat reduction efforts are that we eat out so frequently. Even when we try to make healthy choices from the menu we often end up eating ingredients we would not normally eat at home (if we are watching our calories and fat intake). Sometimes it is because we are not aware of all the ingredients that are in the foods we order and at other times it is because it is too difficult to have the waiter modify our food requests. Either way, it becomes a problem when we are trying to stay on a food regiment that will work for us. Eating home solves that dilemma. We can know precisely what it is we are putting in our recipes and consequently into our mouths and stomachs. We all like to eat out but we may need to do it less frequently if we are serious about getting in better shape.

Another tip that will pay big dividends is to increase the amount of protein we consume while reducing the amount of carbohydrates. Many athletes swear by making protein a significant part of their diets. Cyclists and boxers and athletes across the board know that eating the correct things makes a big difference in their ability to perform. Protein makes us feel fuller faster and for a longer period of time which results in our eating less. Eating less is fine is we are getting the nutrients we need to sustain our health.
An additional bonus to eating more fiber is that our bodies have to work harder to digest fiber than it does carbohydrates so we are burning more calories in the process.

One of the things that really plays havoc with our healthy eating intentions is the cravings that hit and our seeming inability to control them. Sadly, it is usually the things that are the very worst for us that we crave, such as high fat foods, sugary foods and high calorie foods. Planning ahead will help with this dilemma. Find some snack items that you find appealing but that are not going to completely destroy your efforts to eat wisely. Whether you are a lover of crunchy foods, sweet foods, salty foods, or whatever, you can find choices that will be a lot kinder to your body if you look for them. Keep those on hand so that when that almost overwhelming feeling of wanting to cave in to your cravings strikes, you are equipped.

Don’t skip breakfast. It is one of the habits that will be most helpful to you if you make a healthy breakfast part of your daily routine. There is a lot to be said for starting the day off right and when you put healthy food into your body is has to fuel it needs to work well for you. The chances are much less that you are going to chow down on greasy fast food or other poor food choices at lunch time if you have started off with a good, healthy breakfast.

Finally, make sure you are well stocked on the foods that you know will make you feel better and in the long run, look better too. Having fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking and for meal preparation is so important. Healthy grains and low fat items should also be readily available.

One does not have to be so rigid that they can never eat sweets or treat themselves to a juicy hamburger or whatever delightful splurge that is calling out to them but these should be occasional diversions and not a routine habit.

Making the necessary changes to encourage a lifestyle of healthy eating, along with enough exercise, will improve your health, your energy level and your overall physical fitness.