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Flopping: Is It Ruining Sports?

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I’m a huge sports fan and I love watching and playing all the sports. I may not be an expert at each sport but I love them all the same. However, there are aspects of some sports that make me really mad. Number one on my list is flopping.

Flopping happens when the player has little contact from an opponent yet proceeds to fall on the floor as if in deep pain. Flopping is faking an injury just to get a call. It’s a cheap trick players do and they should be penalized heavily for it.

You’ll think flopping is no big deal but you are mistaken. Flopping ruins sports. For example, a 200 pound guard bumps into a 350 pound center; will that contact really send the center to fall to the floor? There is no way a person that small could make someone so large fly thru the air like when someone flops. You’ll argue that referees really see what’s going on. But to me, it’s wrong. Did Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain every flop? Never. They play hard and tough so they found ways to win the championship without having to flop. The bad part is that referees often fall for it. Sports are ruined by players who get away with flopping repeatedly.

On the flip side, flopping rules sports because referees tend to ignore the real fouls thinking the players are just faking it to get the calls. As an example, I was watching last night’s game wherein the US was against Uruguay in the Under-20 World Cup during the first knockout round. Diving, the soccer version of flopping is prevalent in every game. Often, the replay will show that the player who broke his leg by the supposed foul did not even have any contact at all. However, during this game what happened was that Danny Szetela of US was aiming for one of the Uruguayan forwards. When this Uruguayan player started to flail his arms, he eventually struck Szetela in the head. While Szetela was falling to the ground, the US players and their fans were outraged. A few feet away were the linesmen and referee who let the violation go unpenalized. The player deserved to be fouled and called out of the game. But the referee thought that Szetela was just faking it so did not make the call.

Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales for Robbins Sports and Athletics, an online resource for Gym Bags and Portable Scoreboards.