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Football Season Approaches With Continuing Concussion Concerns

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Football season is fast approaching. While this may thrill many people, it causes a huge concern for others. In each year that the football season opens, excitement, high anticipation, and various types of concussions is to be expected. 

At present, NFL (National Football League) is involved in a settlement amounting to one billion dollars. This settlement involves former players that have developed debilitating diseases coming from concussions that they got while playing on the field. It involves approximately 21,000 retired NFL athletes. Because of these concussions, it is expected that a third of these players will likely develop Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia at some point in their lives as a result of their injuries from when they played professional football. Some are also likely to experience effects of Parkinson's disease or Lou Gehrig's disease.

While it is true that football could bring joy and excitement to the lives of the people involved in playing and watching the sport, it could also lead to harm that many do not know about. It is terribly distressing to find out that the lives of these people who are only playing their beloved sport could also be affected in a negative way.