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Football Season Begins This Week In Utah

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The fall season, and with it the football season, is finally at our doorsteps. This is great news for millions of football fans throughout the country who have been waiting many months for their favorite sport to get under way. Thursday will be the kick-off game for the University of Utah Utes who will be meeting the number 15 team in the nation, the Pittsburg Panthers. This is heady stuff for the Utes who are going to be part of the Pac 10 (soon to be Pac 12) in the not too distant future. This first game will give them a chance to show how good they are early in the season.

Meanwhile, down the road at BYU it is still a mystery as to whether they intend to declare their independence or stay with the MWC. The final decision has to be made by tomorrow so the suspense won’t last too much longer. The Cougars will have their first game this week against Washington.
Coach Mendenhall intends to play two quarterbacks this season, Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps and says that both of them will see some playing time in the season opener.

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