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For A One Brief Shining Moment

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Tonight will be the start of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. Together with millions of people anticipating the games with a lot of enthusiasm are several people who don’t care less. Ironically, they really do care. They care that in the next 2 weeks the TV networks have only that in focus. They care that their favorite shows will be preempted to cover the Olympic Games. They also care that their daily newspapers will give a great deal of space for updates on the Olympics, not to mention that it will be the topic of discussion at work around water coolers. They care because they would wish that the Olympics would go away.

Fortunately, that is not going to happen. I believe for every detractor, there are more who come in favor of applauding greatness. When the games begin tonight, millions will focus their attention to the games that inspire and uplift. There is so much tragedy and negativity in our lives that a wonderful distraction like this helps in temporarily removing such stress and despair. I would be happy to observe the skillful maneuvers of the incredibly talented individuals as they perform their best in the games. I will allow myself to forget about my worries for even just a moment.