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For A One Brief Shining Moment

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The Olympic Winter Games will be beginning tonight in Vancouver, British Columia and along with the millions who are anticipating these games with interest and enthusiasm will be a large number of people who could not care less. Actually, that is an inaccurate statement. They really do care. They care that for the next two weeks these games will be the focus of the television networks. They care that some of their favorite shows may be preempted in order to cover the Olympic events that are taking place. They also care that updates on the Olympics will be occupying a good deal of space in their daily newspapers, not to mention that it will be a hot topic of discussion around the water coolers at work. They care because they wish that the Olympics would go the way of the dinosaurs to be seen no more.
Thankfully, that is not likely to happen. I believe that for every naysayer there are many more who welcome the opportunity to witness and applaud greatness. When the games open tonight there will be millions who will be tuning their eyes and minds to feats that will uplift and inspire. When there is so much that is tragic and negative about the human condition these days, isn’t it wonderful to be offered a distraction that can temporarily remove such problems from the forefront. I for one, will be delighted to observe the manuevers of incredibly gifted individuals as they perform to the highest possible levels. and allow my mind to forget about the woes of the world for one brief, shining moment.