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For Baseball, Hitting is the Name of the Game.

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In general, baseball teams tend to fill their roster with plays who play a good offense not that they are disregarding the importance of a solid defense play. Coaches and scouts has this perspective that a good hitter can produce runs so the defensive skills could be developed later. As an example, Manny Ramirez might seem he doesn’t what’s going on in the field but he’s a good hitter. Winning games relies on scoring runs that the first priority of an upcoming baseball player is to hit well if he’s not planning on pitching for a career. With that, here are some advice on how to be a better hitter.

How to Slow Down the Ball

Have you seen a replay of a batter missing the ball by 2 feet? It looks like the hitter is missing the ball on purpose. It happens so fast that at some point there is a disconnect between the batter choosing to hit the ball and the pop of the catcher’s mitt. When the ball comes closer to the hitter, he actually loses sight of the ball. The trick is to develop eye-hand coordination and your reflexes so you will slow down the ball. Increase your reaction time to give you that split second you need to swing the bat in the path of the ball rather than missing it. There are several drills that can increase your reaction time. Take batting practice using the high speed pitching machine or throw the ball against the wall and catch it in its rebound.

Increase your Bat Speed

Learn to swing the bat quickly. A bat that moves fast hits the ball harder than one that is moving slowly. Faster batting speed gives you a slightly longer time to decide on a pitch. It’s difficult to decide whether the ball moving 90 miles an hour will move up or down or if it’s within the strike zone. If you move the bat quickly in the strike zone, it gives you more time to make a decision.

Bat speed depends on your technique and strength. Repetition helps in developing your bat speed. Swing a weighted bad to develop your speed. Spend time in the weight room to become a consistent hitter.

Narrow down Your Target

Sometimes you’ll see pro basketball players shooting a hoop with a smaller diameter than the regulation size. This makes them shoot the ball with more arch and toward the middle of the hoop. The same principle can be applied with baseball. The goal is to hit the ball at the core. The equivalent of the practice rim is a broomstick and bottle caps. This teaches you to aim at smaller targets using a narrower bat. It could be frustrating at the start. But once you learn to focus, you eye-hand coordination improves and you will consistently hit the wood on the caps. You will increase your ability to connect with the baseball.

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