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For The Utah Jazz, Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride

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Winning 6 out of 7 games surely lifted the spirits of the Jazz team after the slide they experienced early this month. Just when everybody thought the team was going downhill, things started changing for the better.

Right now, Jazz holds the number 6 slot in the Western Conference. Compared to last year’s standings, the team is a couple of ranks higher than before. It also means if the playoffs started tomorrow, they won’t be matched up with the Lakers. Currently, all the other teams are vying for the spots with very few games separating their rankings. Every win or loss is very vital for their standings.

The recent victories seem to have motivated Utah team in doing better and maintaining their winning streak. As Boozer said, it was about time their team made it to the finish line.

Tonight, Jazz will be playing against the Phoenix Suns who are going thru some challenges themselves. With Jazz ahead of Phoenix by just a few percentage points, all they need is a good defense play and a flawless execution in order to win.