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For The Utah Jazz, Life Is A Roller Coaster Ride

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Winning 6 out of the last 7 games feels ever so much better than the gloom and doom which accompanied the team’s slide earlier this month.  Just when we thought that this team wasn’t meshing all that well together and that this was going to be a dismal ride, things started to click.

For the moment, the Jazz are tenuously perched at the number six spot in the Western Conference.  That’s a couple of notches better than where they finished last year at seasons end and would mean that if the playoffs began tomorrow they would not be matched up against the Lakers. That is a good thing. Currently, there are a pack of teams that are juggling spots in the middle of the pack with very few games separating them.  Every win or loss seems to rotate teams up or down in the standings.

Recent victorys seem to have re-energized the Utah squad who have high hopes of continuing their winning streak.  Boozer said that” the time had now come to race to the finish line”.

Tonight, the Jazz play the Phoenix Suns who have been experiencing a slide of their own of late.  With the Jazz only a few percentage points ahead of the Phoenix team, good defense and crisp execution will be needed to come away with a win.