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Forward Gordon Hayward Will Wear The Jazz Uniform

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The NBA draft results have been released and while some positions turned out as expected, the others were not. While some thought that Gordon Hayward was going with Utah Jazz, several of the fans favored someone bigger who could be the back-up of Deron Williams just in case Carlos Boozer quits the team (which is most unlikely).

A lot of boos were heard when David Stern, the commissioner, called out the ninth selection in the Energy Solutions Arena. Kevin O’Connor, Jazz General Manager, highlighted that the organization tried to make a trade but it just didn’t happen. The top guys that the team wanted to draft were already taken by the other teams and O’Conner said that had to settle for the best of what was left. To be fair, Hayward is decent player. He has proven that he has the skills and smarts that could be an asset for the team. Everyone is hoping for that.

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