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Fueling The Passion In Sports

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Sports are one of the things in life that tend to elicit a great deal of passion. Players who put on basketball uniforms and form a team invest more than just their time and talents, they also invest a lot of emotion. That emotion (perhaps to a lesser extent) is also shared by the thousands or even millions of fans who follow their favorite teams. The same is true for those who play basketball, soccer, or who put on a pair of boxing gloves and step into a boxing ring and those who are invested as spectators. It is an inherent part of almost all sporting activities. Most of us have seen examples of how that emotion can play out. Sometimes it brings out the best in us and sometimes it brings forth the worst. Having witnessed a crowd turn on one of their players who was having a terrible game was a sobering and rather sad experience. On the other hand, the waves of elation that go through a crowd who have just seen their team emerge victorious is very exciting. One can ride the crest of that kind of thrill for hours or even days.
Perhaps that is one of the reasons that people tend to love sports so much. It provides an outlet for some deep feelings and strong emotions. It can be quite therapeutic to scream and chant and applaud your team and it can also be rather healing to vent against the referee for a perceived slight against your team. Either way, it provides a release of emotion that can make us feel good or at the very least, alive and involved.