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Get In Shape For Spring

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After the long, dreary winter when unless you are an avid snow skier, ice skater or an adventurous ice climber, chances are that all your workouts took place indoors. Do not get me wrong, I’m not down on exercise equipment. Yes, it is true that you can get the job done wherever you are if you are working at it, but there is just something about fresh air that stimulates and inspires. For those of us who have strapped on the old gym shoes and headed down the hall (or to the gym) for another boring workout session on the treadmill throughout those long winter months, it is going to be such a treat to get outside in the sunshine again.

There are some side benefits to being outside instead of indoors. Besides getting to breath in the fresh air and enjoying some different (and often beautiful) scenery for a change, there is also the odds that you run into some of the same people day after day when you are out running or walking which makes for a pleasant familiarity.

If you have not yet made the transition from indoor training to outdoor training, now is the time. Do not waste a single day of the beautiful spring weather that we have all been waiting so long for. Get your shoes on and get outside and you will find that you will derive some other pretty great benefits besides getting your body back into shape You are going to enjoy the difference!

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