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Get in Shape with Boxing


If you want to get physically fit on a limited budget, consider boxing. Unlike other sports that need extensive equipment, boxing requires only a few basics. Your body is your main weapon in boxing. Beyond that, grit can carry you a long way. 

Get in Shape with Boxing

To get started with boxing, consider purchasing this equipment: 

  • Shoes – You can use any pair of athletic shoes. Until you become more advanced, there is no need to purchase expensive boxing shoes. 
  • Hand wraps – These are needed to protect your main assets—your hands. Without protection, you could break the hundreds of little bones in your hands. There are different kinds of hand wraps, but beginners could start by using a 180-inch elastic wrap. 
  • Training gloves – Training gloves or bag gloves are designed with enough padding to protect your hands while they hit the heavy bag. They are different from sparring or competition gloves. 
  • Heavy bag – The bag weighs approximately 70 pounds, and it is filled with soft or hard contents. Bags come with a swivel mount that is attached to the ceiling or stand. The Balazs boxing bag is a good example of a heavy bag. You can hang it using a Balazs wall mount
  • Headgear – This protects your head from soft tissue damage, including scrapes and cuts. It could alleviate the impact of a blow. 
  • Mouth guard – This protects your mouth, especially your lips and teeth. Without a guard, a hit to the mouth could send your teeth flying. 
  • Sparring boxing gloves – These gloves are designed to prevent damage to your hands during sparring sessions. 
  • Groin protectors and chest protectors – This protective equipment will keep sensitive areas of your body safe in the event of a misguided punch. 

Once you get going with this baseline gear, you can invest in speed bags, skipping ropes for heart conditioning, and double end bags.