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Getting Ready For Spring Sports

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Many of us have hunkered down indoors over these long winter months, no doubt spending way too much time in front of the television or computer. We know that spring is coming and with it will be the opportunity to participate in one of our favorite sports, baseball.
Although the beginning of the season is still some weeks away, it is now time to begin preparing for the action that we are eagerly anticipating. Chances are that all the sitting around we have been doing these past months has not done any favors for our physical condition. Ones’ body will not be at it’s best to start the season unless it has had a degree of preparatory conditioning. In much the same way that a brief warm up before a long run serves to reduce the likelyhood of injury, so does a degree of body conditioning before jumping full steam into a regiment of practices and games associated with your sport of choice.
Consistency is the ticket when it comes to getting your body in shape. Stick to your routine or chances are that your good intentions will go unfulfilled.
Keep in mind that a warm up does not have to be a lengthy activity in order to serve it’s intended purpose. 5-8 minutes of doing something as simple as running in place to get your heart pumping will be a good start. After your body is sufficiently warmed up and your muscles more agile it is time to stretch them out in order to get maximum flexibility and to reduce the possibility of injury. Decide on some form of exercise to participate in that will strengthen your body and increase your stamina. Perhaps bicycle riding or jogging?
If you begin now with some type of consistent reigment that will have your body ready to go when the season begins, you will not be sorry.