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Getting The Legs Of Steel That Most Cyclists Desire

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Almost every cyclist knows that his or her legs are the engine that drives their sport. Dressing the part with the best quality, carefully designed cycling jersey and cycling shorts or owning the latest, fastest and most durable bicycle on the market might be nice, but that alone would do little good without the energy and force to actually to be able to excel at the sport of cycling. For that reason, smart cyclists understand that they must have strong, healthy legs if they are to be effective and successful at their chosen sport.
The action of cycling is itself an excellent form of exercise for the legs but there are other forms of activity which will increase strength, elevate stamina and target those muscles which burn the most calories while providing the best results. Squats are very beneficial for strengthening the quad muscles even when only a modified squat is performed rather than a full squat and are included in most workout classes. Lunges are another effective move to increase strength. Running is a good activity to include in your arsenal of ways to improve your cycling abilities by strengthening the all-important legs. The basic plank will also target the areas that are used most when cycling and calf raises are a favorite exercise among many cyclists. This exercise not only strengthens the calf muscles but also results in some great definition.
Although it is true that strong leg muscles are necessary for your best efforts when cycling, do not forget that it is equally important to have a strong core as it is truly the foundation upon which everything else is built. Regular core strengthening exercises should be a part of your overall routine and should be performed on a consistent basis. The only equipment one really needs to get their core in peak form is a floor mat of some type and a stability ball. Crunches are one of the best ways to increase strength in the muscles of your abdomen, back and hips.
Taking the time and making the effort to increase your over-all strength, particularly your core muscles and your leg muscles will result in the improved athletic performance that you desire.