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Getting The Toned Abs We All Want

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Is there anything that makes one feel more self conscious and unattractive than a flabby stomach? No matter how great our hair is or how terrific our outfit might be, the entire look can be ruined by our protruding tummy. There are things (short of surgery) that we can do to address this problem.

Exercises the work the tummy and strengthen the core are among the most important exercises you can do. A strong core not only allows you adequate strength to perform all the tasks necessary in day to day living but also results in better posture. Better posture makes you look and feel better.

A good beginning exercise for the abdominal muscles is the hunch. Get down on the floor on your hands and knees contracting your abs toward your backbone while you lift and round your spine. Hold this position for up to 15 seconds then flatten to a count of 10 and repeat from beginning.

The next movement begins again with hands and knees on the floor (should width apart). Lift and stretch your left leg straight back at the same time you are lifting and stretching your right arm forward. Your left leg and right arm along with your torso should resemble a straight horizontal line. Make sure your lower back does not arch. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat with right leg and left arm. Start out with 5 reps on each side.

Using an exercise ball with with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Cross your arms over your chest with your chin slightly tucked. Contract stomach muscles and exhale as you slowly raise your torso to a half-way sitting position. Slowly lower torso while inhaling to starting position. Do 8-10 reps.

The bicycle is an old stand-by that still works. Lie flat on your back with palms under your head and legs bent at the knee. Contract your ab muscles as you lift your shoulders up alternating right and left legs toward your elbows as if pedaling a bike. Do 10-12 reps.

There are many other effective ab workouts you can try but even doing just these 3 on a regular basis will strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. You will look and feel better.