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Giant Effort – Super Bowl XLII

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The Patriots ranked 16-0 during the regular season. Then entered the playoffs with 2-0 taking their record to 18-0 before heading to the Super Bowl. They were impossible to stop during the regular season. Just when you think they were going to lose, Tom Brady and the team finds a way to win. To stop them from a Super Bowl Championship win will take a Giant effort.

And that is exactly what happened. New York put up a giant effort to defeat them. No one ever thought the Giants would have a chance of winning the Super Bowl but it happened. In this modern day version of David versus Goliath, Goliath (the Patriots) caught a stone between the eyes.

In this case, the Giants team is David the hero. In my opinion, there were only a handful in the team that really stood out. These are Eli Manning, Steve Smith, David Tyree and the defense line.

Since Eli Manning debuted in the NFL he has always been criticized. His performances are always scrutinized by every analyst. He has to deal with being Peyton Manning’s little brother. Every football fan is always comparing the performances of the two. During the Sunday playoffs, Eli proved he is the better player. By now they should stop criticizing Eli and give him more credit for helping his team win a championship.

David Tyree cemented his spot in the Super Bowl with that hilarious part helmet, part hand catch. Even if he bungled every pass thrown his way prior to that, David will still be one of the Sunday heroes.

Steve Smith gave one of the performances that came in under the radar that turns wins into losses. He did have a terrible blunder during the first quarter. He have the Patriots a gift of a moment-turning interception when he literally ran into the hands of the defender with the ball cradled in his arms. But besides that, he was really dependable for big plays when the Giants need it most. Eli relied on Steve during his time of need.

The Giant’s defense line is really impressive. Strahan, Tuck and Umeniyora’s performances were mindboggling for they sacked Brady 5 times. The defense line was focused on Brady. If they were not sacking Brady, they made sure he had a hard time being accurate with his pass. Ask Randy Moss. He was a useless in the game because Brady was so hurried and had no choice but to throw short passes to Fault and Welker most of the time.

That’s a game well played New York Giants!

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