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Golden State Warriors Brought Home The Gold

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Game six of the 2014-2015 season ended last night with the Golden State Warriors emerging as champions, bringing home the trophy. The team was lead by superstar Steph Curry, who was also awarded as the Most Valuable Player of the night, and Andre Iguodala, series MVP, who scored twenty five points each to snag the victory for the team. The guys in GSW basketball uniforms, together with the Bay Area fans, are rejoicing after going for forty years without a championship. The team has worked hard to rebuild their line up and strategies and are really deserving of the win.

On the other side of the fence, the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans are lamenting being so close to the championship that superstar LeBron James wanted for his team. While James played as spectacularly as ever, he did not get as much help as needed from his teammates to secure the victory.

Overall, it has been a really great series which leaves all the basketball fans looking forward towards the next season.