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Good or Bad, Coaches Are Mentors

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There are a lot of coaches who are under-appreciated. There are some who do act on bad behavior and are not worthy of appreciation due to their brutish attitude. But not all coaches are like that in general. Some of them have a different style of coaching wherein they can control their emotions and can effectively motivate their trainees in a positive way. These coaches leave a lasting impact on their team.

Several of us can recall those times we were trained under a coach. A lot of those lessons taught to us were more than just how to play the sport better. They were life lessons on how to be more responsible and how to be fair to others. Learning how to improve the way you throw your curve ball or how to aim for the basketball goal is just as important as learning how to play with a team, giving it all your best effort and accepting defeat graciously like a true sportsman.

Astonishingly, there are a lot of young people today who do not have their parent around often enough to teach them the fundamental lessons of life. A coach or a teacher fills in the gap by counseling, motivating and shaping the personalities of these young people they are mentoring. Parents, as well as society, should be thankful for the selfless acts of these coaches and teachers.

When someone signs up for a coaching position, they may not be aware of how influential they can be in shaping the youngsters that they will be handling. Along with the advice in sports, they are also teaching life lessons that has a strong impact on their transition into adulthood. For some coaches, using an iron hand in training and disciplining his trainees is an effective way to get them to follow and stay on their toes. Other coaches may use the soft approach instead. Whatever their coaching style would be, you just have to understand that their intentions are all the same and they just want to develop their trainees into better athletes.