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Green Bay Packs The Trophy Home

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Super Bowl 45 was a great game! The first quarter did not have a great start but as the game progressed it became exciting. The game ended with a 31-25 win for the Pack. Big Ben Roethlisberger threw the 2 interceptions that put 14 point on the scoreboard that made Green Bay win. After the game, he made a comment that he would like to improve his throwing techniques and he was part to blame for the loss of Pittsburg.

Aaron Rodgers, MVP and Packer’s quarterback, played an awesome game and threw 304 yards. The fans were happy that he wore the Green Bay Packers’ dark green football jersey and not for another NFL team. To date, he has several Super Bowl wins like Brett Favre, a former Green Bay QB. His wins has increased the NFL title of Green Bays to 13. After 1 year full of adversity, with 2 of the top players suffering from injuries in the game last night, it was awesome for the Packers to finally win the Vince Lombardi trophy.