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Hayward Grows By Leaps And Bounds

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Do you remember the game last month when Gordon Hayward, the newcomer, got little play time and very little attention? Unfortunately, when he did get into the game, we was not playing effectively. It left several people wondering if it was wise for Jazz to choose this young man with the basketball uniform with the number 9, during the NBA draft pick.

It seems like those days have long gone now that he played the entire 4th quarter in 5 out of 6 games. Coach Sloan looks confidently at this young man and seems like he is not mistaken. Several of the fans who initially wished that the team got someone else during the draft are now Hayward’s growing fan base.

Another good omen for this rookie is the growing playing relationship between Hayward and Deron Williams, all-star point guard. During the early start of the season, Hayward received glaring words and stern words from Williams who was frustrated that this newbie is not delivering the plays that he just learned. That frustration is now a thing of the past now that Deron Williams is smiling when he sees Hayward playing well. Fans are also happy as they watch the man wearing the basketball uniform with the number 20 at the back scoring the double digits for the team.